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Dr. Pamela guided me through my essays so I could transform my rough ideas into unique narratives that would stand out among thousands of applications. 

Austin, Princeton University

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About The Author

Every college-bound high school senior must face the college application essay. Unfortunately, most high schools no longer teach writing skills. The standard high school curriculum assumes that writing skills are taught by middle school. Thus, by the time most high school seniors are writing their college application essays, the drabness of English literature papers has left its impression.

As a doctoral student at Stanford University, I created a writing program for high school students. This program filled a gaping hole in the typical high school curriculum. Likewise, it was nothing like a typical English composition class. We focused on writing from the heart.

Although this writing program was not focused on college applications per se, what we taught, nevertheless, was highly transferable. The college application essay comes from the heart . . . not the head.

Pamela Ellis, The Education Doctor®, has helped thousands of teens attend a college that feels like home. She brings 25 years of experience in education to assist with college selection, admissions, financial aid, and freshman transition success. Dr. Pamela holds a PhD from Stanford and MBA from Dartmouth. 


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